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The prices given below are the weekly rates for each house. The rates include the utilities (electricity, water ysage, and the butane gas tank) and the clean sheet sets which are changed weekly. Please remember to bring your own towels along (If any different service is given for the sheet sets and the towels, it is mentioned in the related house information section(s). The currency used for the prices is Turkish Lira.

The Location of the Houses
Our houses are located in the most favourite sites in Turkey. They are in good and calm condition and mostly close to the beach.

The House Capacities
Maximum number of people can stay at each villas are mentioned in House Information section for each house.
The number of people can not exceed the number of people the reservation is made. The children two years of age or younger are not included in these numbers mentioned above. A children bed can be requested for the children older than 2 for a small fee. In such cases they will noy be counted as one person, otherwise they will occupy a separate bed and will be counted as one person.

The Furnishing of the Houses
Our houses are planned for your holiday needs.
There will be a living room, bedroom(s), holiday kitchen, and washroom(s) to serve the max capacity listed for the house as all furnished. The garden and the balconies also have seating sets. All the houses provide cold and hot water in general.

House Photographs
The house information pages have several photographs of the houses.
If similar type of houses are introduced, only one of the houses may have the photograph sets.

The Deposits
On your arrivals a deposit of 100.00 ?or equivalent amount in Turkish Liras to compensate any possible damage made to the house and its furnishings. This deposit will be reimbursed if no damage is made.
However, the reibursement does not mean the the house owner may not request any further payment for the damages not noticed during the reimbursement.

Additional Bed(s)
The max people can stay in the houses are mentioned at House Information pages. However in some cases, one or two beds can be added. This addition must be approved by house owner. In such cases, portable bed(s) will be used mostly and each bed will be charged as 15% of the regular rate.

Other Expenditures
There may be a need for heating utility at the beginning or at the end of the holiday season. The heating expenses will be paid by the client at the site.

Arrivals and Departures
House owner provides arrival or departures any time of the day during the week - 7/24.
If the arrivals or departures are made off hours (19:00-9:00) a nightly fee of 15.00 ?or its equivalent in Turkish Liras is charged. If the transfer to/from the site is to be made by us, there will be no additional nightly fee for the transfer. However, the transfer time should be given to us in advance.

House Information pages will give information if the pets are allowed or not.
If any damage made to the house by the visitor's pets, SUNUCU may ask the damage to be paid.

The Beach and the Sea
"The Beach" and "The sea" are mentioned for all seaside in general. The beaches in Turkey are open to the public use in most cases without any charge. However, the public beaches may be maintained as well as the private beaches.

The Distances and the Information on the Sites
The data given for the distances and the sites may not be exact figures. They are given according to the best estimations and for information only.

The Regulations on Passport, Visa, Customs, and Health Issues
An Identification Card (birth certificate) will be enough for the visitors from European Union. No additional visa is required. All detailed info on such issues can be obtained from the Turkish Embassies or the Consulates at your own country.

The Markets and the Restaurants
Most of the markets and/or restaurants may open for the summer season only. They are usually open until midnight in most cases. However their openeing and closing times are not in our control and may vary from one to another.

The Travel Insurance
We suggest you handle your travel insurance before travelling in your country.

The Flight
We suggest you consider our offers on your flights. We work with the airplane lines which provided heavily used charter services. Waiting to hear from you for the most conveniently priced travel tickets.


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